Bernera Historical Society was founded in 1991. Membership consists of residents and exiles, the activity falls into two strands: Urras Eachdraidh who have Trust status they deal with business matters and policy, the Comunn Eachdraidh arrange the social side of the Society.

lobster-pondThe first project was erecting a cairn to commemorate the Bernera Riot. A day long re-enactment of the events of 1874 began with the unveiling of the cairn and culminated in a celebration in the Town Hall. A “Norse” mill was restored to working order and the lobster pond at Loch Risay was repaired. After excavations at Bosta, the society helped to build a full-scale replica of an Iron Age house which is open to the public daily during the summer season and attracts many visitors. Researching public records, gathering local information and holding regular meetings all continue.

The Society runs an accredited, 4-star tourist registered museum based in the Bernera Community Centre.The museum houses all the records and artefacts belonging to the Society. Exhibitions on loan from other museums are often displayed. The Museum opening hours are to be found in the ”contact” section.

Bernera was a founding member of the Hebridean Connections project and virtually all the known genealogy from the island is incorporated in this database, though further contributions are welcomed by the society.