What to See


Bosta Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Lewis. This is where an Iron Age village was excavated in 1996, the Comann Eachdraidh reconstructed an Iron Age house  near the site,modelled on the foundations of the excavated ruins. Bosta was inhabited from time immemorial until 1878 when the peat – a basic necessity for life – was exhausted.

Breaclete is the ‘capital’ of Bernera and the location of the 2 churches, manses, post office, school, shop,polytunnels and Community Centre .

Other historical sites are a Cairn at Tobson commemorating Standing stones at Cleitirthe Bernera Riot of 1874, a restored Norse Mill, the Lobster Pond at Loch Risay,Standing Stones at both ends of the bridge  and ruined Duns at Hacklete, Ballaglom and Kirkibost – the best preserved of these is Dun Bharabhat.


See also the Geology of Bernera.