Croar or Krothair : a small township in a hollow ; grodhar, O.N. grow fertile (From “Placenames of Lewis and Harris” by D Maciver F.E.I.S).

The village of Croir is in the north of Great Bernera overlooking the Kyles (Caolas) of Little Bernera. The original settlement was as run-rig with two lots of clustered housing – one where No.2 is today and the other on Nos. 5 and 8.

The village was cleared in 1880 and used as a sheep farm and the tenants were sent to Hacklete. The farm was leased to John Macdonald the Ground Officer and later to his son-in-law. After the First World War, when there was much agitation for land, the village was resettled and the present crofts were lotted.

The channel “an Caolas” has always provided a safe anchorage for boats and is still busy in the summer months. There were fish curing houses on both sides of the Caolas – now there is a fish farm.

Dun StuighThere is a ruined dun at Dun Stuigh and various mills, one of which is in reasonable repair and it is possible to see how it worked and where the stream was diverted to pass through the mill.





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