Iarshader : now a township on the east side of the narrow channel. First used as Bernera summer sheiling; ey, gen. Eyjar-settr, island sheiling.

From “Place-names of Lewis & Harris” by D Maciver, F.E.I.S.

Earshader is a small village in the parish of Uig, Isle of Lewis, and is situated just south of the island of Great Bernera. The southern end of the Bernera Bridge ‘the bridge over the Atlantic’ is in Earshader. There are only 4 crofts, but the genealogy is highly complicated. Its most famous son was John Smith, known as both Seonaidh Phadruig and the Earshader Bard. A memorial cairn to him was erected in the village (on the right-hand side of the road as you drive towards Bernera).









 There is also West Earshader, which was a farm until late in the 19th Century and at present is the site of a mussel farm.



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